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Automotive most easily damaged parts should be how to properly conserve

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Electrical connector

The car only a few important electrical connectors with gold contacts, most of the remaining fittings are made of copper - zinc alloys, under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed,But if the car is long at high temperatures, high humidity, bumpy operating environment, it is possible to produce these joints loose, rust, poor contact failure, and some strange electrical faults resulting mostly.Thus, routine maintenance, should focus on checking the car's computer connectors, sensors, fuel injectors and other components.

Chassis Components

From the point of view of, chassis components actually easier than the engine problems, but during routine maintenance, a lot of people tend to ignore the inspection of the chassis components.Chassis parts prone to failure focused on:

1, the shock absorber: Oil spills are precursor shock absorber damage, in addition, on bad roads or bumps significantly increased braking distances are also signs of a damaged shock absorber.

2, the suspension control arm sleeve: The sleeve damage to the vehicle will appear deviation, fight malaria and a series of failures, even if wheel alignment did not help. If you carefully check the chassis, sleeve damage is very easy to find.

3, steering rod: steering rod relaxation is a serious security risk, and therefore, during routine maintenance, the parts must be carefully examined. Approach is very simple: hold the rod, shake vigorously, if not shaking, it shows everything is normal, otherwise, it should replace the ball or rod assembly.

4, the exhaust pipe: exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts of the vehicle, do not forget to look at the maintenance. Especially with a catalytic converter exhaust pipe, but should be carefully examined.

5, universal joint BOOT: Do not underestimate the outside of the universal joint dust cover, it is not only the role of dust, but also to prevent loss of grease around the joints, BOOT once damaged, the grease quicklyIt will be lost, since the dry grinding, universal joints can be easily damaged.


To pay attention to regular replacement of tires, a set of tires and then durable, can not be used for life, some people work easy, low frequency of use of the car, a set of tires after several years of use, the tread surface is intact,But in fact the tires will increase with the year slowly aging, decreased quality, if not realized this, thinking "surface looks good," says a tire that is no problem the wrong way.

When maintenance tire tread in first clear stones and other inclusions, check tire or without bubbling, layers, lacerations, change pass away, aging fault; secondly when removing tire on the rim rust, check the tube and lining with no damage or wrinkle phenomenon, according to the provisions of the pneumatic pressure, conducted tire cuffs or transposition.Also, check the tires and wing, trunk floor, leaf springs, fenders and other touch sagging or without friction.


Electrical system battery is the key to the modern car, use a lot of electrical equipment, battery is not working properly, it will affect the performance of many devices.For example in an automatic transmission car, if the battery is not normal, this car will not start. Therefore, we must always be able to obtain a stable power supply.Check the battery level, if the liquid level is between the upper and lower is considered appropriate two engraved lines. At the same time should also check the level of the grooves is poor. If the level is insufficient, you can unscrew the top of the battery cover, pour distilled water to make up the liquid.

Check the battery terminals, in addition to iron brush the terminals of the contamination.

If the wire clamp badly soiled, you can use sandpaper to rub move along the inner wall, worn dirt.


Usually we will dashboard brake warning light is illuminated as the change brake shoe judgment basis, but this is the bottom line, if only for this time, it has been quite dangerous.

To remind you that, although all vehicles have such a warning system, but some direct induction brake shoe thickness, and some are already completely finished grinding the brake shoes, brake fluid and therefore extreme decline, will make the warning lights play.If the latter, until the warning lights, brake pads and brake discs metal base is already in the iron sharpens iron status,Then, in the tire near the rim to see the bright edge of the iron. Therefore, each time into the plant maintenance should be checked whether the brake pads can be used, and the bottom line ahead of the brake pads replaced approaching life, but do not just take warning lights.

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