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After de Paul which vehicle maintenance, sealing parts of the attention easily ignored

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Cars 3 years or 100,000 km warranty after removal, the user is already set up and the car feeling, for most users probably already familiar with the car's "temper", but for the car's maintenance is likely to remain poorly understood, and less 4S shop regular telephone reminders, the user may ignore considerations maintenance.

After deprotection car should pay attention to what matters?

1, regular maintenance, periodic inspection

Fluid replacement should not be forgotten: antifreeze and transmission fluid

Antifreeze: we advise you to check the fluid level maintenance / inspection once freezing / irreplaceable antifreeze with tap water each year.

ATF: It is recommended in strict compliance with the maintenance manual. Gearbox oil market, most of the models are the need to be replaced regularly, often with 40,000 km, 60,000 km, 100,000 km or 80,000 km range.

Checks can not be ignored: the tires, belts, spark plugs and chassis parts, gaskets, etc.

Tyres: Check the tire pressure every two weeks is recommended / each maintenance check tread wear.

Belts and accessories: at least every six months or 10,000 km check again.

Spark plug: The spark plug different grades, the replacement cycle quite different, according to the difference of the material, the replacement cycle from 2-3 million kilometers to more than 100,000 km have.Among them, the shortest copper core spark plug replacement cycle for 2-3 million km, about 4-6 ten thousand kilometers nickel alloys, platinum is about 80,000 km, Iridium can reach 10 million or more.

Chassis parts: the use of each maintenance time regularly check the oil discharge

Seal / rubber tubing / seal doors and windows: regular inspection, gaskets and rubber tubing inside the engine also needs regular inspection, especially valve chamber pad, year and mileage as the vehicle use (see feature, pictures, inquiry) increase the number, where it is easy to aging and permeability.

2, safety first brake system

Brake pads, brake discs: either replace the brake pads or discs, supporting the replacement must be done, a single replacement brake pads or brake discs, brake pads will increase or new rapid wear of the brakes, and will cause the brake jitter affect driving safety.

Check the brake fluid: Most car manufacturers on the replacement cycle brake oil has strict requirements, more common is 2 years or 50,000 km (kilometers provisions different vendors will be different).Brake oil has water absorption characteristics, if time does not replace corrode the brake system to traffic and security. Meanwhile, the brake fluid after absorbing water, the boiling point will be reduced, likely resulting in insufficient braking pressure, the braking effect.Therefore, periodic replacement of brake fluid, is very important. If you normally drove very little, two years is recommended to be replaced, after all, how much oil slick can not change the brakes, but the security is priceless.

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